Monday, March 18, 2013


Ärgates oli väljas üsna okei. Läksin paariks minutiks hambaid pesema, tulen vannitoast välja ja mis seeeee on??? Lumetorm? Tore.
Tahtsin kooli neljapäevaseks eksamiks õppima minna, aga hetkel kahtlen, kas see on hea mõte.
As I woke up, it was all okay. Then I went to brush my teeth for a few minutes and as I come out of the bathroom - what is this??? A blizzard? Awesome.
I had the plan of going to uni to study for the Thursday's mid-term exam, but I'm doubting if this a good idea in these conditions.
On Mondays we wear orange.
Toakaaslane tõi Prantsusmaalt bonbons'e. Oh lala.
Roomie brought bonbons from France. Oh lala.
Laupäeval katsetasime gluteenivabade küpsistega, aga kuna kasutasime tavaretsepti... oli tulemus üsna kuiv. Hea sellegipoolest, aga tekstuur oli naljakas.
We were experimenting with gluten free cookie on Saturday, but we used a normal recipe... so the result was kinda dry. They were supergood, but the texture was funny.


arttu said...

oh, i'm so done with snow already! it hasn't been snowing for a couple of days here so i'm hoping the spring has finally arrived haha.
i've been experimenting with gluten free meals recently too! the cookies look really good :)

Kriss said...

Ah, we had flowers blooming already and today, this happened...
They looked and tasted good (yes, tasted, they got eaten really fast :D), but I need to work on the recipe a bit, only after baking these babies it came to my mind to google if there are some things to be aware of when baking gluten free. Oops :D

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