Friday, February 16, 2018

Club Tropicana

Last weekend, my Lithuanian friend Vee paid me a visit in Tallinn!
So backstory - we first met in Sønderborg as we both began studying Chinese, but then our life parted, she lived in Indonesia and London, while I divided my life between Denmark and Shanghai. 
Eventually, shortly after I moved to Beijing for my Master studies, she also moved there for work. Within these two years, we've gone through loads of Beijing adventures and it's just amazing and rare to find people that you can connect with after all these years.
Anyways - we did a bunch of stuff. Very touristy. I felt like I'm on a trip myself at one point. 

One of my friends from Shanghai was also here last week (it was a tiring week, hosting and entertaining people, but so fun and great to see my friends again in a new setting!). So, we actually went to eat some vegan asian food at Noodle box (the Shanghai guy approved of the place, said it's rather authentic, so now you know). And checked out Tallinn nightlife at Sveta Baar (again - both approved and these guys have seen it all, from Boiler Room to Vice parties).
On Saturday, me and Vee headed off to the TV tower (with a car drive through Lasnamäe, cause I felt it's an interesting piece of history to show), the botanical gardens, awesome dinner at Tai Boh... even went shopping to Creme de la Creme and spontaneously figured we should see the new '50 shades' movie at the cinema. At the end of the day, we looked back and laughed, as it seemed like we both were on a date.
The next day we took it easy with some KUMU, food at Cafe August and coffee with marzipan at Maiasmokk. Honestly, it was such a fun weekend and made me realise how much there is to do in the city, even during the cold winter!
Anyways, pics from the botanical gardens visit - love that place, so green and energising!

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