Monday, April 19, 2010

Time goes by

The white watch i got today, is really cool: it speaks! And it has an alarm! Not to mention it's funky futuristic look! Oh, and i found my Glamour magazine that i bought in Switzerland a month ago and i still haven't read it yet. Sadly, i can't do it today, because i have to study for my geography test. Oh well...

my life is just that exciting :D


I loove this lipbalm + the packaging is supercute

See valge käekell, mille ma täna endale hankisin on überlahe: see räägib! Ning sel on äratuskell! Ning ärme unustame mainimast selle funky't futu välimust! Ning peale selle leidsin oma Glamour'i ajakirja, mille kuu aega tagasi Šveitsist ostsin ning mida ma siiani pole saanud lugeda. Kahjuks pole see ka täna võimalik, sest pean homseks geo tööks õppima...

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