Monday, August 31, 2015

Beijing, I've arrived!

I can't believe it, I'm back in China!
The whole trip went really smoothly, no problems whatsoever, which is surprising. But then again, I've had some pretty good travel karma throughout this year, so I guess it makes sense. Or maybe I'm just such an experienced traveler by now.
Ma ei suuda seda uskuda, aga ma olen tagasi Hiinas!
Kogu reis möödus viperusteta, mis on pisut üllatav. Samas, mul on sel aastal üllatavalt hea reisikarma olnud, seega on ehk isegi arusaadav. Või olen ma aastatega vilunuks reisijaks muutunud.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Video: My August

Throughout all of August I've been filming random little moments of almost everything mildly interesting and now - here's the result!
Videos like this are absolutely perfect for capturing the vibe, mood and the setting. Pretty sure I'll use this video for when I'll get homesick while in China hah
But really tho, I feel like this summer has been wonderful, I love every little moment of it.
P.S. You can watch the (recommended) HD version on the Vimeo page 

Adventures are waiting

travel prep

Reading about Beijing and making notes about all the places I want to visit, all the things I want to see and stuff I want to do. Seems like I just got back from Shanghai and I should know a thing or few about what is waiting for me, and yet - not really. Ah, this is so exciting!

Pre-China Beauty Post

Before we're gonna get to the topic - I've got a new layout and yay, it's not the basic Blogspot template this time! I rather like this one, it's clean and simple. I've also decided to add the "Read more" button, so the front page won't be as picture-heavy and will hopefully load faster. So another 'yay' for efficiency!

Now, moving on to the business - I'm leaving to Beijing already this Wednesday and I'm not even gonna start rambling on how the time flies. It's crazy. But I've managed all the paperworks and the tickets and now I'm just left with the task of packing my suitcase.

Since I've already lived in China, I kinda have a hunch this time on what I will definitely need to bring myself. So, I present to you:


Friday, August 21, 2015

Independence Day X Rulamööbel

Yesterday was the Restoration of Independence Day in Estonia, thus - yay, a free day! It was sunny and hot, so me and Kerttu headed over to Rulamööbel event, which was showcasing multiuse furniture - made for both skating and public use. 
A day of drawing, beer, sun and skateboards. How else can you describe a perfect summer day, huh?


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weekend in Pärnu

Let the photos do the talking this time:


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Kuldrula in Pärnu

I got back from Pärnu and I'm pretty sure that this weekend has topped all the other weekends of this summer. Kerttu and I went to see and take photos at the Kuldrula event and the Pärnu street festival Augustiunetus. We'd take a ton of pictures, ate at a nice place called Mahedik, which serves organic food and go see Kerttu's classmates perform at the street festival. And later on we went to Katlamaja for the Kuldrula afterparty. Going through Pärnu that night was crazy, it's a cute calm town, but this weekend all the streets were packed with people. The whole town was celebrating, it was warm, the stars were shining and the mood was great.
Today we had breakfast at the villa we were staying at, packed up our things and headed to the beach, where I probably got my last chance to tan this summer. Soon we went to have lunch at a Greek restaurant (which tricked us into believing it was a vegan place by placing false advertising in their logo, like wtf) and returned to Kuldrula for more photos. I'm usually really happy with my 35mm fix lens, but this weekend showed me the true limitations of this lens. It's a good one, for sure, but not really made for taking action shots. Ugh, jealous of these guys who had real bazookas as their lenses of use, I'd like to see the results of working with these!


Saturday, August 8, 2015


Continuing with my summer shenanigans in Estonia:

 Kakumäe beach with the Sønderborg squad

Sunday, August 2, 2015

To Aalborg & Back

This song and these views from the plane window are the bombbbb

More of Aalborg

Here's some more from my walks around Aalborg.
Now I'm back in Tallinn, but I swear it was one of the most travels ever (going to Shanghais was also rather stressful, but this was new level). I had everything planned out nicely, but so that I'd arrive to CPH by 1 pm and at the airport at 2 pm, but the bus arrived an hour late. I was almost losing hope, but the prospect of spending the night at the airport wasn't appealing, so I ran for my life. I must say, I'm kinda proud for jumping on the right train and arriving to the airport, getting through security gates with long lines and running to the last gate through the whole huge airport... all by 14:40. Haha, now I clearly see that morning running has paid off well.
It was the most perfect weather for flying! I haven't sat at the window for a long time, so I'd forgotten how amazing the view can be. Favourite thing: flying through the clouds!
My mom picked me up from the airport and then we went to Must Puudel for some dinner and wine to celebrate writing that exam and making it on time. 
So good to be home! Can't believe I'm leaving again on the 26th of August for a long time again.

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