Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You should be jealous

I took the day off today - i really needed some chill-out time just for myself after three weeks of constant running, school and work. So yeah, today i was at the grocery store, bought some salat material for the evening and i also was biking for the first time this year! And as i was biking, i saw the first butterfly of the year. And as i and my friends were young, we believed, that the first butterfly always predicts your summer, so if you see a white butterfly, you will have a cold and rainy summer etc. Well, i saw a bright yellow butterfly, so guess i'm going to have a sunny and golden summer! :)

SDC10917teine osa



Täna võtsin aja maha - peale kolme nädalat järjepanu jooksmist, kooli ja töötamist olin ka mina lõpuks ühe vaba päeva ära teeninud. Niisiis magasin kaua, käisin hommikul poes salatimaterjali õhtuks ostmas, sõin ülihead müslit värskete maasikatega... Ning muidugi käisin ka selle aasta esimesel rattatuuril! Samal ajal nägin ka selle aasta esimest liblikat ning guess what - see oli kuldkollane, niisiis ootab mind ees päikeseline suvi!
Tõsiselt, tänane päev on suuuuuper!

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