Friday, May 7, 2010

Thank god it's Friday

Yup, made it trough another week, i feel kinda superior now, cause there are some things i can cross down from my school-to-do-list:

write an essay in Estonian History X (not presented yet)
complete a reasearch in German History X (not presented yet)
complete a research in Military/Defence class (wow, this sound weird in english)
read "Truth and Justice" I and V volumes
complete a presentation on "Tsotsi" in English
write two musical reviews
present my year-research X (presented, got a good grade)
make a research on Late-Romanticism in German Literature

Plus, i wrote a test in German today, so good for me, there's one test less to write now!

Some more highlights of today, well actually for the whole week: my new make-up thingys!


1. Mom bought me some new cleansing gel

2. My new moisturizing facial creme (base for make-up)

3. Avon's pressed powder, that arrived today

4. Avon's bronzing pearls

Dare i say it? It has been a great week after all :) Now i just hope, that the weather sill get better soon, because right now it's really rainy and windy, had a hard time getting to school and back. And the wind was so strong, it pushed my old wooden window wide open, so my room is darn cold at the moment.

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