Friday, July 30, 2010

Everywhere I go Imma have my own theme music

Just stopped reading Slash's biography (the famous hairy guitarist from Guns'n'Roses). Couldn't finish the book, since he really got on my nerves with his irresponsible drug addiction and causeless hotel room/television/glass/car wrekking behaviour. Sure, he's a rockstar and that's what they do, but erm... why? The whole biography was just so selfish, i liked Red Hot Chili Pepper's singer Anthony Kiedis' "Scar Tissue" much more, altough he too was a drug-addict.
The only funny thing for me in "Slash" was the part, where he did drugs in some hotel bungalow and he's hallutinations, little predator looking men started following and attacking him, so he ran around naked in the whole hotel territory and even used some business man as a shield against these "little men". In the end, he hid himself (still naked) in some shed behind the lawnmowing machine.
Now i'm gonna read the last book from "The princess diaries" series, haha, sth girly :) And then... i guess E.M.Remarque, since it's in our school program, but it's about war, so i'm not actually looking very forward to that moment...


Skirt and tank-top: New Yorker, Sandals: Deichmann (Germany)
Edit: Vabandust, eesti keelne tõlge tuleb ehk kunagi hiljem, ma kirjutasin selle küll ära, aga peale mingit kummalist klikki kadus KOGU tekst ära :(


Ina Seb said...

what an adorable skirt! lovely! and your hair colour is very pretty :)

Kriss said...

aww, thanks, how sweet of you :)

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