Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hum, you just touch me and I... I... I go as limp as a noodle. It scares me.

Today was photo day. Kinda have a bad feeling how the photos will come out.
And i must say, Kätlin is wonderful at braiding!


Täna oli pildistamine. Mul on fotode suhtes halb eelaimdus.
Ning mainin ära, et Kätlin on patsipunumises kohutavalt osav!


Unknown said...

I rule;D

Kriss said...

haha, väike ego kohe :D

Sian Thomas said...

Your hair is so pretty like this =) I just found your blog and I'm going to follow you now because it looks really good =D


Kriss said...

How sweet, thank you :)

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