Sunday, April 17, 2011

Acting funny and i don't know why, excuse me while i kiss the sky

It just keeps getting better! School's practically over! There are only some exam consultations that must be attended, otherwise - freedom. Had a great weekend also, which totally cheered me up! The weather's fine and doo-da-doo, all is good!

Pampered myself on Saturday morning! 1 - the wonderful leave in conditioner from Tigi; 2 - Garnier selftanning moisturizer (though shouldn't be used too often, makes you blotchy); 3 - energizing facemask from Oriflame; 4 - shea butter & goatmilk bodylotion from JOIK which my BFF presented me, i love it so much!
Found this old mom's dress. I cut it shorter and then i lost the dress... Though i like it's pattern, it's still kinda... transparent?
McFlurry - ugh, lookin' so fine!

Aina paremaks läheb! Kool on põhimõtteliselt läbi, hinded väljas, ainult konsultatsioone peab veel külastama - muidu valitseb aga vabadus. Nädalavahetus oli samuti vahva, mis totaalselt tuju tõstis! Ilm on hea ja üleüldse doo-da-doo, all is good!

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