Monday, July 25, 2011

So... Monday


First part of today will be annoying - first i have to restore my phone number and block my old cell-phone (in yo face!). Then I need to visit the local migration board and take a horrible passport photo and renew my passport. Blah, can't wait.

Päeva esimene pool tundub tüütu tulevat - kõigepealt pean oma mobiilinumbri taastama ja blokkima vana mobiili kasutuse (haha, paras teile, vargabäod!). Siis migratsiooniametisse passipilti tegema ja passi uuendama. Blah, ei jõua ära oodata.

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Salha said...

Amazing skirt!! I love it! The colours are so pretty! :)

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