Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bits from here and there






Ports fotosid viimasest paarist nädalast.
Igav neljapäev. Taaskord riigipüha (mitte et see mind väga puudutaks, sest loenguid mul enam pole). Palju mikro lugemist. Et vähegi vaheldust saaks, teeb väikseid trippe linna peale.
Koduigatsus, lõunauinakud, hunnik 90date filme hilisööni, The Smiths.
Kuidagi... jama.
A bunch of photos from last few weeks.
Boring Thursday. Once again a national holiday (not that I would care, since I don't have any lectures now).
Lot's of reading the micro book. And just to get some variety, taking some strolls around downtown aswell.
Homesickness, little naps, 90's movies until midnight, The Smiths.
Kind of ... bland. 

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