Wednesday, May 2, 2012


John Frusciante - Central
 I´m central to nowhere
Thinking of sweeping it clean
When we choose to go were losing more
than just our surroundings
I´ve gone around the sides of this universe as it stands
Outside the limits of all existence
Where light never ends

Uskumatult hea lugu ja imetlusväärne artist. Impossible not to like him.

Tuvipesa leidsin, so cool, I know.
Found a dove's nest, so cool, I know.

Üldiselt on tunne, et midagi on puudu. Koduigatsus, eksamipinge ja väikelinna üksluisus annavad tunda ning ma julgen ausalt tunnistada, et tunnen end hetkel rahutult.
Feeling like something is missing. A bit homesick, stressed because of upcoming exams and this smalltown boredom are getting on me and I'm being honest when saying I'm feeling kind of anxious.

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