Sunday, June 3, 2012

First days of summer

Juhhuu, mikro eksam on seljatatud ning sellega seoses natuke downtownis tähistatud. 
Täna on rahulik pühapäev, mil peaksin hiina keelt kordama homseks minitestiks (puudusin tundidest üle 20%, sest olin Eestis paar esimest nädalat, nüüd siis tasu käes). Loodan, et see pole kuigi keeruline, sest pole enam ammu hiina keele vihikut lahti teinud. Seejärel ootab 8dal marketingi eksam ja siis - nii uskumatu, kui see ka pole - on mu esimene aasta tudengina Taanis läbi. Kummaline, kui kiiresti aeg lendab...
Lähenemas on meeletu suvi, shallala! 
So, micro exam is now behind me and we celebrated it in downtown on Friday.
Now having a relaxing Sunday & I should study Chinese, since I have to take the participation exam tomorrow (missed too many classes, 'cause I was in Estonia for a few weeks). Hope it's not gonna be that hard, since I haven't touched my Chinese stuff for a while. Then there's this marketing exam on the 8th of June AND, believe it or not, my first year as a student in Denmark is over.
So damn weird, how time just flies...
One big crazy summer is coming our way, shallala! 


Michael, Hej Sønderborg said...

Good luck with exams. Are you staying in Sonderborg over summer, going home or travelling?

Love the photo of the guys in the couch - do you know the story behind that?

Kris said...

Thanks! At the moment it seems, I'm going to stay until the end of July, then going home for a month and back to Denmark.
Guys on the couch are our coursemates living nearby and apparently they got a couch from their friend, which they needed to get transported to their home :)

Michael, Hej Sønderborg said...

Haha, I hope they managed to get the couch home.

I'm hoping for you going on more photo expeditions in Sønderborg area until July then ;)

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