Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm back and I want what is mine

Niia - BTSTU 

Eile viisid jalad lausa saksa elektroonilise muusika õhtule, Ichiigai raames. Ja seejärel Hoovi. And that's what I love - rändom teisipäeva õhtu ja sellegipoolest, so much happening.
Paar järgnevat päeva peaks mööduma GreenFest'il, põnevpõnev!
So yesterday our little feet took us to some German electronic music evening, to see Ichiigai-label musicians. And then we went to Hoov. And that's what I love about this summer - just a random Tuesday night, yet so much happening.
Few next days will be spent at Tuborg GreenFest, le exciting!

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