Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ready for Autumn

Magic Wands - Black Magic (Crystal Fighters Remix) 

Üks ANTM vanema hooaja osa vaadatud (aju puhkab - ma ei viitsi midagi muud vaadata) ning nüüd on aeg tegudeks küps. Ei tea kohe, kas alustada statistika, makro või hiina keelega, millised valikuvõimalused! (workload, y u no get smaller?)
Just finished watching an old episode of ANTM (that's how I relax my mind - I'm just too braindamaged after a long day to watch anything with a tighter plot), so now I'm up to getting things done. Just can't decide, whether I should start with statistics, macro or chinese - oh the choices! (workload, y u no get smaller?)

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SandM said...

The bag and pants! <333

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