Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh June

HAERTS - All The Days 
 Longe time no see! Apparently the beginning of summer vacation made me super lazy for doing about everything, so I'm just enjoying this time off. As soon as my body realized I don't have to stay up so late anymore (like typical me - going to sleep at 1 or 2 and waking up at 6, 'cause there's sooo much to do, right), I'm just snoozing off already early in the evening and sleeping through the whole morning... Oh gosh, this is so unusual and at the same time, superawesome. Hope I'm not gonna sleep though my whole summer though. 
Anyways, I've noticed I haven't done a post with Instagram shots for more than a month now, so why not catch up with some shots from May & June?
Pole ammu siia sattunud! Paistab, et suvevaheajaga kaasnes suuremat sorti laiskus, nii et ma lihtsalt naudin time off'i kõigest. Mu kehale jõudis kohale, et ma ei pea enam superinimest mängima ja kauakaua ärkvel olema (tüüpiline mina läheb magama kell 1 või 2 ja ärkab kell 6, sest nii palju asju on tarvis korda saata, eksju), seega ma vajun juba varakult õhtuti ära ning lahisen mõnusalt pool hommikut maha. Kuidagi harjumatu, aga mõnus samal ajal. Loodan, et ei unele tervet suve maha nüüd.
Panin tähele, et pole ammu ka Instagrammi meistriteostega postitust teinud, seega proovime kaotatu tasa teha! Pilte maikuust ja juunist!
1. Le running time! // 2. The secret spots where I run
3. Going to uni in the at 9 p.m. to study  // 4. Going to uni at 7 a.m. to study with fellow students. During exam-time it's totally normal to bring your own booze, food supplies and even coffee machines!
1. Hamburg // 2. Macroeconomics with a view
3. Miss "I don't get enough sleep" // 4. Healthy grocery shopping! Soy milk, greek yoghurt, fruits.... Heaven!
1. Chinese! // 2. Last lecture in Macro before the exam
3. More chinese! // Fruit salad with strawberries, melon & orange
1. Breakkie & new pink coffee press, since Kerti broke the other one, that meanie! (kidding) // 2. Feeling pink
3. Once upon a time, it was warm enough to go for a run in shorts // 4. Now it's just plain rainy. We experienced some pretty cool thunder storms here also
Just a lovely memory from Croatia, I really miss that place actually
As an Estonian, I find it extremely funny 'til this date - "okse" is beef in danish, but it's literally "puke" in Estonian :D
Since we now have too much time on our hands, we bake and cook like everyday. Yesterday we experimented with out very fist tiramisu and we had it for breakfast today. Of course it had loooots of Vana Tallinn in it, superyum!


Anonymous said...


saaksid teie tiramisu retsepti üles panna? :)


Kriss said...

Ikka, teen lähipäevil ära! :)

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