Monday, July 8, 2013

Week in Instagram

Blonde - It's You 

First of all - some summery beats!

Bits from the infamous Friday - oh we had so much fun!
Kerti: "Look, a lamppost! Go and strike a pose!" 
 I didn't hesitate here at all.
That time we went to Haderslev and the first minutes trying to get out of Sonderborg we get stuck behind the bridge.
Chillin' in the sun after gym, hydrating and all.
Well guess what I got from Donghua University?! Freshmen Guide, uhuhhyupp!
On the way to the beach, spotting cute places everywhere.
Augustenborg castle
Biking, because these are the last moments where I can pretend to be oh so Danish
Sunset near the sailing club
Walking home from the beach, underneath the jasmine bushes
Love jasmin flowers!
First swim of the year, yay!
Life's a beach
Strawberries for brekkie

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