Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What's been up

I know, I'm unusually silent these days when it comes to blogging. Truth be told, I'm just enjoying myself and every moment I've had so far in Estonia. 
At this very moment I'm making plans - plans for what's left of July and then piling everything else up for August.  Interesting times coming up.
Olen täiesti teadlik, et blogi on kummaliselt vaikseks muutunud. Põhjus peitub lihtlabases soovis puhata ja nautida täiel rinnal seda üürikest aega, mis ma veedan Eestis.
Hetkel koostan plaane - plaanid, mis puudutavad viimaseid juulikuu päevi ja seejärel kuhjan kõike muud augustikuusse. Jeps, põnevad ajad on tulekul.

1. Le on our way to Haderslev
2. Doing some paparazzi stuff 
3. Last holy-schmoly shopping spree in Flensburg
4. The only photo in Flensburg we managed to get where we both are on
1. My favourite place ever - the candy shop!
2. Did I mention I'm highly skilled in painting the kichen walls?
3. Early morning in a Swedish gas station
4. Best thing to wear on long car rides - nothing! (ok, shorts actually)

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