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Pre-China Beauty Post

Before we're gonna get to the topic - I've got a new layout and yay, it's not the basic Blogspot template this time! I rather like this one, it's clean and simple. I've also decided to add the "Read more" button, so the front page won't be as picture-heavy and will hopefully load faster. So another 'yay' for efficiency!

Now, moving on to the business - I'm leaving to Beijing already this Wednesday and I'm not even gonna start rambling on how the time flies. It's crazy. But I've managed all the paperworks and the tickets and now I'm just left with the task of packing my suitcase.

Since I've already lived in China, I kinda have a hunch this time on what I will definitely need to bring myself. So, I present to you:


So this previous time in Shanghai I really started to care about what I use as make up, shampoo and other body care. Cosmetics in China contained strange things which I often couldn't read out from the packaging and the price was not a guarantee of good quality - I did not trust the cosmetics over there. 
Moving back to Europe, and especially Denmark, was pure bliss after that experience. Back in Sonderborg, my new flat was located right next to the shop selling all these organic goodies, so basically I just went there any time when I felt like it. The prices were reasonable and most of the ingredients on the labels were familiar to me. I noticed how my health, hair and skin improved and ever since, I'm a true fan.
Now, I'm 100% excited about China, but I'm worried about the products I will have to use there. So, atleast for starters, I stocked up on all the goodies I will need!


This is what I'm using right now - Sante Natural Balance Shampoo. My hair is a bit frizzy and breaks easily, so this shampoo is perfect, since it's gentle and caring. The ingredients include a wheat germ extract and hydrolyzed silk, it's organic and cruelty free (vegan!) AND it smells divine. Win here, win there, win everywhere!
The second awesome thing on the right is the leave-in mousse by Sante. I use it to make my natural curls stand out more and tame the frizz - I usually take towel dry hair and twist it around my fingers, then apply the mousse on the twirled hair and let it air-dry. Believe it or not, you get wonderful bouncy curls. Smells like coconut, so that's always a plus in my book.

Travel prep

From left: Shea butter, Sante shampoo and Urtekram conditioner. The Shea butter was a present from my bestie and since I'm a big fan of coconut oil, I truly value this gift. Coconut oil tends to melt so easily and thus leak and leave oily stains (lol I tried to travel with that once), but shea butter stays solid for longer (I hope), so that should be useful. 
Then this HUGE bottle of organic shampoo from Sante, which is like 10€ for almost one liter of organic goodness and hopefully will last me in Beijing for a while. Speaking of experience, the shampoos in China are really rough on my hair and I have yet to discover where to look for local organic options, so I need to bring something myself. 
I like this Danish brand Urtekram a lot, but I don't remember using this conditioner before. I might have used the one with roses, but the smell was so annoying, so I have high hopes for the Nordic Birch one. 


This day cream from Dr Hauschka is bliss. It's gentle and toning, so you can easily use it instead of regular make-up base. I thought it's really nourishing and heavy at first, but it blends in well and doesn't clog pores at all. I also like the herby smell, makes me feel safe rubbing this stuff over my face hah.
The eye cream is from a Greek organic brand, not sure about the name, since I haven't seen it in Estonia. I bought it from the health store in Denmark and I love it so much! It's just a sample size, but has lasted me for a long time now - I use it after I haven't had much sleep and it makes me feel more fresh again. The texture is also sooo creamy!
CC Cream by Sante is all natural, thus probably the coverage isn't as good as from any mainstream store-brand a la Maybelline. But I don't use it all over my face anyway, so it does its job, it smells nice, it's organic and cruelty free - I mean what else should I wish for?


This balancing facial oil by Suki is a lifesaver! It's just a sample size by an organic brand from the U.S., which I use sometimes before going to bed. I usually just massage a small drop over my face and oh my god, it's so calming. And waking up with glowing fresh skin feels amazing also! Seriously, read about the benefits of using oils on your faces, I was skeptical as well, but this stuff is just too good not to share!
Dr Hauschka Volume mascara is the bomb, but I'm sending this one out to retirement, as 4 months is enough for a mascara (girls, change your mascaras every 3-4 months, you have no idea what bacteria the brushes start carrying over time). Now I have the regular one from Dr Hauschka and I love it just as much, tho I liked the brush from the Volume mascara more. Nevertheless, it's worth the investment - my lashes are well-cared! P.S. neither of these mascaras is waterproof, so keep the waterworks off hah

Not all of my stuff is organic, sadly, but it's a transition I'm aiming for, so this is what I've summoned so far. There's still a ton of things I want to take with me, but I'm thinking of trying out some Korean make-up and skincare routines (Innisfree and konjaku sponges!!). Gotta be open for new things, right?

Ja eesti lugejatele - juhin tähelepanu sellele, et kõiki neid tooteid (v.a. Suki ja see Kreeka silmakreem) on võimalik osta Eestist. Tip: Mustamäe teel asuvas Mahemarketis on juuksehooldustooted tunduvalt odavamad, kui Kaupsi Ilumaailmas (aga Mahemarketis pole Weleda tooteid, so give or take). Lisaks olen leidnud sellise laheda lehe, nagu, kus kõiki tooteid saab tellida netists (ausalt pole sponsoreeritud ühegi nimetatud poe poolt, lihtsalt fanaatik ja huviline haha - kuigi sellisel juhul sponsorlusest ära ei ütleks).

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