Thursday, December 3, 2015

November phone snaps

Get ready, it's gonna be a photo-heavy post - I warned ya!
Valmistuge pildirohkeks postituseks!


Hanging out in the hutongs with the fam
 And group dinners - oh boyyyy, Yunnan style Chinese food. This one is famous for all the herbs they add a la cilantro, which I love so much
 Christos, Torben, Chen, Hui, a random Chinese chick from the next table. moi, Betti, Lili and Lili's sis, Liv.
 We stubmled on this poop restaurant on our way to the Great Leap Brewery - it was about to close, but hey, look at the effort they've put into decorating this place

 Bzzbzz, good times 

 Zhichun lu station
 On my way to yoga class and Starbucks afterwards at Sanlitun - I realize I'm super basic during daylight, just to go nuts in the nighttime.
 Fav fruitshop, cause the lady always gives me discounts and peels my pomelos. That lady rocks my world.
 That one time it got really cold in BJ
Like with snow and all
 The malatang section of our school canteen - they have a ton of seaweed and konjaku noodles, so I really like their selection
 Winter's over
 This popcorn has zero chill 
 Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy
 Bloodz Boi 
Dada just keeps getting better with every week 
 Monday, post exam, at work - yup, that's some mess to be in
 Okay, so Tuesday, the situation got bad - I got a decent mask tho

 Smog beyond index. Like literally you come home, blow your nose and realize it's black from inside :O

 So I decided to stay inside for the rest of the day

 Then next morning - a MIRACLE. Apparently, the pollution cleared out in 20 last night. The pollution index was about 550 on the previous day and Wednesday morning it was only 25 (which is the same as in Estonia). The air was and is still CRISP. I literally ran to the roof the first thing in the morning to take pictures. 
 We can see the mountains again - life is beautiful. The smog issue is real and needs to be fought.

 I'm a colorful persona, so I need to chill with my outfits

Elevators at school, just because 

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