Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Music Videos!

So as I've once mentioned, I hung out with Bohan Phoenix, Howie Lee, Vice China and the LoveLoveNYC crew back in October. The music videos for both tracks are finally out and you can see them here! 
(Lol watch me low-key walk in the background in Foreign haha)
Nagu kunagi mainisin, siis hängisin oktoobris Brooklyni räppari Bohan Phenix'i, kohaliku produtsendi Howie Lee'ga, Vice China pundiga ning LoveLoveNYC kuttidega. Nüüdseks on mõlemale loole muusikavideod ilmunud - vaata neid siit!
(lol ja leia mind taustal luuramas Foreign'i videos hah)

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