Thursday, June 30, 2016

Done with year one!

I've been done already as of Tuesday, 'cause that's when I had my exam and got my grade, but the formal closing dinner for the first year was last night. So waking up today feels amazing - ugh, is it really summer?
However, I'm starting with my internship at a European advertising agency already tomorrow, so no time to aimlessly hang out - time to get to work! So excited!
 So this one time, me, Lili and Chen went for a sweaty yoga session at Lululemon in Sanlitun

Some serious bendy action
 Then I introduced girls to Tribe Organic - they loved it!

 Who says vegans eat boring food? 
Oh, and how about this vegan coconut milk based ice cream? Beetroot, coconut, chocolate and mango flavored (and the chocolate one made me fall in love with it - so decadent!).
This is just the morning at 9 a.m. Gets up to +37 on some days! How to survive the heat? Just stay inside from 11am til 6pm and make sure your AC is working flawlessly.
New babies to add to my sneaker collection
Nanluoguxiang and all these people ugh
Saveurs de Coree - a wonderful Korean restaurant in Beijing with many vegetarian and vegan options! And if you ask what I did for jaanipäev - I had Korean food in China. So un-estonian hah.

Vegan bibimbap! And since I now can read Hangul: 비빔밥! 
 Then we went for a stroll around the hutongs 

Loved my outfit from Friday 
Bye, school! 
Bye, teachers! 
Hellooooo, summer and work!

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