Monday, July 25, 2016


 My Australian twin left me :'(
 That awkward moment when you find yourself standing in the green area of the room with people who are feeling the tropical vibe

 Crystal clear
Going to le work
 Such very much summer

 When it's a beautiful evening and you get off from work early, so you head to the hutongs around Lama temple.

 Tropical rainshowers
 Fleamarket at our office

 When you finished with your make up and realize you have nothing to wear, so you decide to stay in.

 Fresh finds in Jingshan park

 Beijing architecture + greens. Best combo.
 Epic rainstorms
 Lunchin at Glo

 At 798

 Rauschenberg for Sundays

 Sunset today. 
I've learned to love Beijing. Ain't the easiest thing in the world, but these challenges make it so much more worth it when things are actually starting to work out. 
Beijing, stay awesome. 

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