Sunday, August 13, 2017

Haapsalu & more

Feels like I've been doing so much during these holidays... and also, feels like I've just been very lazy and haven't actually done anything useful. I had all these ambitious plans on how I will study Chinese, read books, sketch, write and take more photos. As of now, I've done all of the above, but only a little bit of this and that. 

But I guess lacking consistency during holidays is fine? Doing things just because I feel like doing them and being more flexible with my schedule is actually neat. I still remember how I struggled with work and thesis writing just a few months ago, as these activities took up all of my time and the FOMO that followed as I turned down all the fun plans my friends suggested (FOMO is real, you guys). So yes, having the liberty of being spontaneous with my day is refreshing. 
Additional bonus of not forcing myself on getting stuff done? Umm, increased sleep hours. My Xiaomi step counter bracelet also tracks my sleep and apparently I've increased my sleeping time from an average of 4h 50min of sleep in May to 6h 20min in July. I'm sure I can reach a 7h average in August haha. I'll treasure this glorious moment once I'll get back to my sleep-deprived zombie state in September. 
But seriously - I've seriously under-appreciated the greatness of a damn decent vacation. Oh what a fool I've been. 


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