Saturday, October 14, 2017

Autumn in Beijing via Phone

You know what time it is - phone pics recap!

First days back at work
The air was extraordinarily good - so were the views
From a clients office, not that far from our office. This is more to Guomao and from 50th floor. Just look at China Zun building grow!
Our office building to the left
When out in Wudaokou
Had a chance to visit a polo game in the outskirts of Beijing. Obviously, some Ferraris were on display

Me and my "little brother" Alan

Jetäs birthday in Beiluoguxiang hutong

No filter, but oh so good

Post-spinning class, early morning vibes
Barre class! It's one of the best workouts I've tried!
Spacecycle is bomb
That no-make up fresh face
You don't get your name misspelled when you got that Starbucks golden card
Ritan park walks

Olympic park chillen

We got puff-pastry mooncakes at work! Not vegan tho...
... so I went to Veggie Tiger and got vegan ones! 

And then we decided to stay for dinner

Preparations for national holidays
The plants on top of the front door tho


Morning run at Mudanyuan park

Rainy Mondays 
Since it was Golden week, we got the first week of October off from work. While everyone else usually goes traveling, I stayed in the city and just did quick trips around the city. I visited about 4 museums and discovered more of Shuangjing area, Dashilar, the Legation Quarter and Caochangdi.
Here's a lady with pomegranates and freshly squeezed juice on my way from Shuangjing to Guomao. Most of these street vendors have been told to get off the streets these days, so it's becoming harder to spot these sellers now. Whenever I do see them, I get excited since they always have something good on their little wagons!
Style inspiration: Steve Jobs
Red Brick Art Museum

Song Museum - a private gallery, opened by a rich Chinese film producer, where his private collection is on display. The security and the location of the museum are pretty insane, also majority of the visitors looked like movie stars from the nearby studio or KOL's (key opinion leader - Chinese version of online-celebrities, bloggers and influencers), as everyone was dressed up to the max and came in with personal photographers. It was surreal, I felt like I'm in a quirky Woody Allen movie at that moment. 

The provate collection of the museum owner included Picasso, Van Gogh, Francis Bacon etc. Not too shabby, that's already worth opening up a small museum!
A selfie a day keeps the ego at bay

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