Saturday, March 3, 2018

Facebook HQ Warsaw

Last week I had a rather spontaneous visit to the Facebook HQ in Warsaw for an innovation workshop. 
The whole news about the trip was rather last minute for me (2.5 hours before plane departure), but I guess I can learn to appreciate how tiny Tallinn is in situations like these and I made it on time without breaking a sweat.

 Life is bananas! But real deal, when hunger strikes, these things are the bombdiggity.
We didn't see that much of the city, as we arrived late and had to get some work done still, but we managed to squeeze in a quick walk around the centre to stretch out legs out.

Facebook CEE HQ welcomed us with a cozy breakfast - which was followed by a day full of digital advertising tips, tricks and learning about new upcoming opportunities and products. 
The whole day was pretty packed and since I'm still a newbie in this field, a lot of information for processing... But that's where the good ideas start out hatching!

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