Friday, July 31, 2015

Quickie to Aalborg

Denmark is brutally dragging me back as if saying: "You come back and love me!", so here I am. Again. Ugh.
This time on the North-Coast, in a town called Aalborg and I must confess, that so far it's actually quite lovable. I see what you're trying to do here, Denmark. It's working.
Still not amused by the inter-city travels tho - my bus from Copenhagen to Aalborg was on the road for 6.5 hours. Gentle reminder, that it took me 7 hours by bus to get to Berlin from Sønderborg. 
While Denmark is about the same size as Estonia, the country is more stretched out in length + traffic accidents on the high way and here you go, 6.5 hours. 
Anyways, I just got back from Aalborg University where I wrote my Corporate Finance exam (one of the reasons why my summer sucks lol, summer school). The campus is so different compared to SDU in Sønderborg, like it's made of little separate houses instead of just one big building. But yeah, overall I found out that I actually am enrolled at Aalborg University and should order my student card. It was also a surprise to find out that I have a student e-mail at AAU, so like, ugh, wow, where am I enrolled? :D
Now I'm done with this and having my first coffee of the day. Had a walk around town also, but seems like summer hasn't reached Denmark either, it's so cold and windy! I'm not really sure where to go here tho' and I also find it so strange that I have to pack and head on the bus to CPH tomorrow again. Nomad life!

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