Saturday, March 18, 2017

上海 shenanigans

I stayed at a motel between Xintiandi, a posh shopping area, and this traditional old part of Shanghai, with old lane houses and streets like this. 
Talk about diversity.

The changes in Shanghai are rapid: things that were there during 'my time' (2013/14) are not there, have moved or have been demolished. Places that I' sure of not being there a year ago... are suddenly there. It's fascinating how the city grows and embraces these changes, while you can still wander off into a random street and find yourself in the middle of a bustling veggie market and little shops selling nearly everything.

Luxe apartments on the next street!

If I wouldn't tell you this is China, would your first guess be Central Park in NY?
The density tho
I met up with Taago and we had dindin at Green&Safe, one of the spots that's still going strong even after I left.
The initial plan was to go to Shanghai Brewery, another 'Shanghai classic' which seemed like it would stay there forever - but much to my big surprise, the place was closed!

Thank god Senator Saloon is still there as well.

A view I will never get tired of. 

That which goes undone goes undone in vain,
That which is done is still done in vain,
That done in vain must still be done.
                                   By Song Dong

I went to the Rockbund Art Museum to check out the works of Song Dong, a Beijing based artist (the irony of seeing his exhibition in Shanghai).
SONG Dong - 'I Don't Know the Mandate of Heaven'
Back Image (2016-2017)
Television Series (1992)

The location of RAM is superb 
Slogans (2016-2017)

Eating the City (2017) 
Yes, it's a city made of cookies and confectionary, destined to be a 'destroyed city' already on the opening night of the exhibition (because guests could eat the cookies).
This baguette tho

Nanjing Road sunsets
Round and about in Xintiandi
Bubbles in Fuxing Park - little Chinese kids on rollerskates loved me for the bubbles haha

At Sinan Mansions

Tianzifang rooftops

Boatride to Pudong... oh man it's so pretty in the night time


We went to Taco Bell and met Estonians there. So there we were - 4 Estonians, eating Tex-Mex food in an American fast food chain, in Shanghai. What even.

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