Friday, August 24, 2018

Cheers to another year

Oh sweet 26!

25 has been quite something - not the easiest 365 days, but that's how one grows. 
After 18 years of being bound to an academical system, this was my first year of doing thing on my own terms.
Gotten through some setbacks and learned failure is not necessarily bad, when you flip it around and make it into a lesson and a valuable experience. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.
I've had time for self-care and learn my value - both in terms of monetary value and what I should be putting up with. 
I'm mostly glad about being able to follow up on the promises I've made to myself. 

On this birthday I truly felt loved. Showered with very personal greetings from all around the World. 
Feeling that this Crazy Big World ain't that Crazy Big after all.

Let 26 be a year where I can work on my shortcomings and take note of my past mistakes - let 26 be a year of growth!

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