Monday, September 3, 2018

Again - Shanghai!


No-no, not a throwback - I'm back again to Shanghai as of Monday!
The city and the people just pull you back


This time I'm here for work and it's also the first time I'm here where I actually feel like an adult, as I'm responsible for my own shit to be sorted. Which is definitely not a problem! Just very different from my previous experiences.

I've moved to a lovely local lane house on Danshui road, which has a very authentic Shanghai vibe,  albeit being located at the center of Xintiandi - which I've previously written about here back in 2013! 
While the place needs quite a bit of fixing up, I'm still happy. It's cozy, I get to know the local life and people and for the first time in years abroad, I live right next to work! 
1.5 km or about 25 min by foot is a luxury in a city like Shanghai. For my first internship in Shanghai, I would have to commute for about an hour. And in Beijing, I would spend only 40 minutes alone on just taking one subway line, no transfers! Crazy!
Thankful to have made it where I am at now (which is not far still, but a step somewhere at least!)


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