Monday, September 10, 2018

Fuxing Park / Shanghai Camera Market

Fuxing Park

So, seems like a routine is forming - Monday to Friday it's just workworkwork from 9:30 til 6 pm. 

I'm planning to splurge on a Guavapass in a month or so, so hoping to squeeze in a bit of exercise as well (can attend all kinda classes around Shanghai with Guavapass from different gyms, so e.g. yoga, crossfit, bodypump etc.). As of now, I just go out jogging, but I'm gonna lose all my muscle like this pretty soon, so can't wait to get back to the gym!
Weekends I try to spend out as much as possible - on Saturday I did a bit of exploring and met up with this newly formed group of analog photography enthusiasts. All pretty cool people, who've been around Shanghai for a while, hoping for some fun photo walks in the future!
And yesterday I did a bit of creeping around in Fuxing park (all these people dancing, singing, playing mahjong just cheers me up so much!) and went to the camera market with Josh from the group on Saturday. He introduced me to a wonderful man, Mr. Wang, who sells and repairs cameras and is a really big enthusiast in all things photography related. We spent about 2 hours in his shop and I left with a funky little Seagull camera (an OG Shanghai camera!), which I'm pretty excited to try out. Point and shoot has been fun to play around with, but I'm keen on learning and trying out a bit more. The first few rolls of film will probably be trash, but live and learn!

Fuxing Park
Fuxing Park
Fuxing Park
Fuxing Park
Fuxing park

Mr. Wang also took a ton of photos of us with his crazy expensive Leica - look at the beautiful bokeh in this portrait! And don't mind the bags under my eyes, I woke up at 5:30 on that day because of a construction on our street haha

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