Saturday, February 19, 2011

back in the good old days

So i was browsing some old photoalbums and got really nostalgic! These old photos from my childhood bring back the best memories! // Lappasin vanu fotoalbumeid ning jube nostalgia tuli peale! Nii head ajad meenuvad!

Yes, well, i was eager to model at 1,5 years :)

Ahh, we had this huuuge rose garden at my summercottage! My granny was an agronomist and she knew how to keep that garden pretty.

I know, i had the coolest leggings on the block back then! My childhood-friend with ther mom in the background - we met a few weeks ago in the cafe after like 5-6 years... Kinda sad in a way, we were so close once...

Would like to ride that thing again! And i think i look like one of the Olsen twins here, no? :D

Coolest leggings and now the prettiest dress! (haha, i'm so mean :D)


Jonna said...

Hihi very cute pictures ! :)

K. said...

Haha, thanks :)

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