Monday, November 26, 2012

Last week, new week

1. LBD from Cubus
 2. Drinks on Friday 
3. Just 5kg of Nutella in Flensburg
 4. Shopping in Germany 
1. Creative solutions at work with Kerti
2.Dinner with Maris, vol.1
3. LBD from local H&M (don't ask me, what's the deal with black peplum dresses... they look the same on these photos, but they are actually very different!)
4. Dinner with Maris vol.2 Roomies
Ja paar pilti enne Cafeeni reedel // And some photos before Cafeen on Friday   Estonian gals
Eestlaste trio

 Movember poster at uni
 Täna koolis Movemberi plakatit imetlemas // Admiring the Movember poster at uni today Christmas trees on the streets!
Jõuluehted ja -kuusekesed on tänavatel juba väljas! // Christmas decorations and trees are out on the streets!
Mayh I have this dance, mr Tree?
 Väike tants kuusekesega // Lil' dance with the tree

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