Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Life's too short to eat boring food!

Kahe viimase päeva mõnnamad eined :
1. Kahe-koostisaine pannkoogid (ja melon pildile trügimas, aga peale pannukaid see enam sisse ei mahtunud :D )
2. Mango ja seesama õnnetu melon (ehk siis päeva lõpuks leidis ta ikka oma otsa)
3. Perf hommikusöök - kodujuust draakoniviljaga. Ja kohv. Otseloomulikult. Peale virgutavat hommikujooksu ja seejärel tööle. 
Täna oli kõigil ostupalavik, sest saabuvate pühade raames on suurem osa poode (paar toidupoodi on laupäeval siiski avatud) kuni teisipäevani suletud, ehk siis kõigil vaja suured varud kokku osta. Läksin mölluga kaasa, eheheh. Ainult et oma kodus, mugavalt Asose vahendusel kraami tellides. Tüdrukul ikka uusi saapaid ja kevadjakki tarvis.
So a few wonderful dishes from past two days:
1. Two-ingredient pancakes (and a melon trying to fit in the picture, but after that plate of pancakes I couldn't handle that melon anymore)
2. Mango and that same melon from before (so it did meet it's doom in the end of the day)
3. Perf brekke - cottage cheese with dragonfruit. And coffee. Of course. All that after a nice morning run and off to work I went.
Everyone had a shopping fever today, since Easter is quite a big deal over here and most of the stores are closed 'til Tuesday (except a few grocery stores, which will be open for some time on Saturday).
So I'm guilty for going along with that fever. Though I did it from my cozy home, ordering stuff from Asos. A girl does need a new pair of boots and a spring jacket.


arttu said...

i'd love to get a pair of boots and a spring jacket too! lovely photos, the dragofruit looks interesting yet delicious :)

Unknown said...

Such a lovely blog :) love your all photos
I'm following you now, hope you follow back :)


Kriss said...

Ah, yes, the dragonfruit is deffinetly interesting... Kinda has this texture of a kiwifruit. Though I'm not sure whether I was unlucky, but it doesn't really have a specific tase :/

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