Friday, October 4, 2013

Golden Week

Bodhi - Imperfection

Käes on kardetud Kuldne Nädal. Ettenägelikult olen püsinud ülikooli linnaku läheduses vältimaks rahvamasse (et saaksite aimu - KLIKI ). Paar korda läksin Cloud Nine kaubanduskeskusesse, mis tähendas suurt trügimist, kanna peale astumisi, inimestega kokku põrkamist... The whole deal.
Üldiselt on pikk pühadeaeg tüütu, sest avastasin teisipäeval, et veekaardilt sai krediit otsa. Külma vett tuleb alati, aga kuuma vee saamiseks tuleb veekaart ühest aparaadist, mis on kõigil vannitoas, läbi tõmmata ning saad 5 minutit kuuma vett. Niisiis, selleks, et dušši alla minna, pean iga kord reception'i onule/tädile seletama, et mu kaardil pole praegu raha (ja nad muidugi tahavad iga kord üle kontrollida... please, ma TEAN juba, et seal pole raha, ei, seda pole maagiliselt juurde tekkinud sinna). Seejärel tuleb keegi neist mulle tuppa, tõmbab oma kaardi läbi ja voila! saan pessu minna! Pean nüüd 8. oktoobrini sedamoodi elama, kuniks veekaardi top-up kontor uksed lahti teeb.
The feared Golden Week is here. I've been foresightful and have hung out mostly in the campus area, just to avoid the massive crowds (here's what going on - KLICK ). Couldn't resist going to Cloud Nine Shopping Mall a few times and oh my god, that involved a lot of pushing, stepping on the feet and bumping into everyone... The whole deal, you know.
The long holiday week is annoying, to be honest. Of course this Tuesday was the day I discovered I have no credit on my water card. Just to clear it out, there's always cold water, but in order to get some hot water, one needs to swipe their prepaid water card through a machine thingy in the bathroom and then you get 5 minutes of hot water. So basically, whenever I need to take a shower now, I have to go to the reception, explain the old man/lady in my messy chinese, what's up with my card (and of course they need to check it every damn time... please, I know it doesn't have any credit on, and no, it hasn't magically recharged itself). So then one of them comes up to my room, swipes their card and voila! I can shower!
Now I have to live like this until the 8th of October when they open the office for topping up the card.
Wakame vetikasalat seesamiseemnete ja sojaga. 
Vahel eksperimenteerin meie lemmikus sushipoekeses.
Wakame seaweed salati with sesame seeds and soya.
Sometimes I tend to experiment in our fav sushishop.


Julia said...

well, you don't need to be jealous! here in germany it's so cold everytime. i really miss pure summer.

i am so happy that you commented on my blog! so i was able to find yours! it is stunning and i am following you now. maybe you follow me too? of course only if you like my page :)

Kriss said...

Honestly, I miss wearing cozy sweaters and the colorful autumn leaves. Oh well, maybe in November or December we'll have an autumn? :D

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