Monday, December 16, 2013


BOKKA - Town Of Strangers

Nii palju on hetkel toimumas, eksamid ja kool + tuhat pisikest ja mitte nii pisikest ülesannet, seega olen blogist pisut eemal olnud. See pisike postitus on kiire update viimase nädala sündmustest, kuid usun, et peagi saan juba põhjalikuma postituse teha - täna näiteks on mu jaoks üsna tähtis päev, aga sellest siis pisut hiljem! Kui kõik hästi läheb, muidugi, aga pisut eneseusku ja ma olen kindel, et sellest saab asja!
There's sooo much going on at this very moment, exams, school + other tiny and not so tiny challenges. Thus, I've been keeping myself away from blogging. This post is also just a quick update of what has been going on recently, but I'm sure I can make a bigger post soon - today is an important day for me, but you'll hear about it later! If all goes well, that is, but just a bit more faith in myself and I'm sure it's gonna be great!

Done with being sick after my stomach-flu! Happy!
Tiny Shanghai
A piece from Jing'An Temple
Having a 'class party' on a Friday - of course, we need a Tsing Tao!
One of the most depressing photos ever. That tiny white thing on top right is the sun :(
Sunday-funday for baking!
Christmas mood happening here
On Friday I went out with my classmates... ended up being the only girl in the company of 7 guys, which was really fun! Haha, beer and naan bread was the thing of that night!

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