Monday, April 20, 2015


Aprill pole veel isegi läbi ja juba on nii.palju.juhtunud.
Kirjutasin täna päevikusse oma mõtteid ja seiklusi üles ja läbivaks lauseks sai "What is my life?"
April ain't even over yet and already so.much.has.happened.
I was writing some thoughts down in my diary and basically making a recap on all my adventures and the main theme of my writings was pretty much me asking "What is my life?"

 Solar ecplise captured via iPhone - not bad at all

 Spring arrived to Sonderborg a loooong time ago
 Dramatic sunsets of Sonderborg
 Out with my habibtis

 Copenhagen views

 Raw vegan thai noodles at 42Raw


EKA100 @ Kultuurikatel
Selfie lvl expert

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