Saturday, August 8, 2015


Continuing with my summer shenanigans in Estonia:

 Kakumäe beach with the Sønderborg squad

"Take a picture of us holding the sun" haha

 Trying to step up on that fitness game and going out for walks in the evenings

 Always finding some time for a morning run 
 A selfie a day gives the ego a boost (or lowers the ego, depends on how the hair/skin/self-esteem combo acts out lol)
My dear Kerti is back in Estonia for a short time and holy ssssmokes, I'm blessed with the most wonderful friends I could ever wish for. I wasn't really feeling like going out last night as I'm having a 5-day essay-exam starting today, but the girls arrived with a bunch of balloons and turns out I wanted to partypoop from my own birthday pre-celebration. That's some next partypoop-level from my side and I'm sending billions of kisses to Kerti, Kerttu & Maris for making me feel like a princess even 2 weeks before my birthday. 
Love you so much, girls xoxo

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