Friday, October 23, 2015

'Fashion Now' at 798

I had an amazing opportunity to meet some really talented young people - both locals and from the US - and we visited the 798 district. 

We went to see two fashion shows by local designers (Ricostru and Vega Zaishi Wang) and I hung out as they were shooting some material for one of their projects.
So happy to be a part of all of this.
Mul avanes imeline võimalus tutvuda meeletult andekate noorte inimestega - seda nii kohalike, kui ka USA'st pärit rahvaga - ning me külastasime 798 piirkonda. Me külastasime kahe kohaliku brändi moeshow'd (Ricostru ja Vega Zaishi Wang) ning hängisin nendega, kui nad ühe oma projekti jaoks materjali filmisid.
Mul on nii hea meel, et saan olla osake millestki nii lahedast.
 Ricostru SS16
Vega Zaishi Wang SS16

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