Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 leftovers and tidbits from 2016

Happy New year!
Head uut aastat!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve and the first days of 2016 have been kind to you - both of these sure apply to me!
I actually discovered some old unpublished photos, so I'll just toss them in with some newer stuff and voila! We get the first post of the year!
Loodan, et kõigil oli megavahva aastavahetus ja 2016 aasta esimesed päevad on olnud helded - mul on õnne olnud mõlema puhul!
Tegelikult avastasin, et mul on kogunenud paras ports avaldamata fotosid, nii et mõtlesin, et pressiks nad kõik koos vähe uuema kraamiga kokku ja voila! Selle aasta esimene postitus ongi sündinud!

 Went to Roberts' crib for group work - this lucky guy lived on the 16th floor and it was a clear smog-free day. Um, mountains in the background, not bad.
Käisin Roberti juures grupitöö kallal pusimas - kutt elab 16dal korrusel ja parajasti oli sudu-vaba päev. Taustal paistavad mäed, pole paha.

 Shopping with Anna-Lisa and squatting on escalators
Anna-Lisaga šoppamas ja eskalaatoril kükitamas. Üritasin seletada, mis vahe on hiinlase kükil ja ossi kükil. Kultuurid segunevad. 

 Found myself all black Roshe One's - ohhh baby!

 Going out with my babes for 京A beer and the Vice party (insert salsa girl emoji)

Pyrmdplaza getting turn up 

You ain't a proper vegan unless you keep rubbing it in everyone's face. Now I'll be a vegan with a bit of literature to back up my statements tho.
Metro stop selfies. After that day, I left for Shanghai, so there's a gap in photos due to the weekend of Shanghers Shenanigans and then, this really uneventful week of Christmas and smog.
 Christmas dinner at Megan's place - now this girl lives on the 22nd floor, but that day was smoggy as fudge.
 Humble with the food, generous with mulled wine and other drinks tho.
 Sacred Christmas eve, spent in Dada bar. Nothing new here.
I often find bathroom graffiti bizarrely intriguing. You know, you're slightly intoxicated from a few drinks, you're blood is rushing from dancing for hours, you can barely hear anything cause the music was too loud, you've lost track of time - and then you stumble on this little doodle on the bathroom wall and you just go "Woah!". 
Why do I have the feeling I'm alone in this?
 Snowy Wangfujing street
 The beautiful gates of the Lama temple
Hanging out at Qianmen
 Being a vegan and a runner sure pay off well
Hours later, same pose, different dress - heading out to celebrate NYE!
 Meg's place again!
 And we were stuck in the cab for the next 40 minutes ugh

But we made it! Here's Vee again! And Anna-Lisa! And the can of beer I shared my new years kiss with haha
 A party of about 60 people, no big deal
I'm not gonna elaborate on how we ended up at Dada - this time it wasn't me deciding haha
 I was walking through hutongs this weekend and saw this old skank, still waiting for his/her kiss under the mistletoe. It's been a while.
I also visited a vegan restaurant in the Wudaoying hutong, it's called Veggie Table and the place is amazing! They also had a fat fuzzy cat running around and I need to go back, just so I can pet it. I'm determined like that.

Don't mind me going nuts on Snapchat when I should be writing my paper, hehe
Ah, what a time to be alive!

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