Monday, April 4, 2016

These past few weeks

 Air-Max Day ✌️

Man, what is this life? I'm so blessed and happy with how everything is working out.

Trusting & letting my intuition guide me instead of panicking and overthinking. Things work out the way they are supposed to. Be kind and the world will give you back all these positive vibrations - 'cause you get what you put in. Same applies to work, of course - work hard and you will see the results.
I'm in such a different state compared to one year ago. 
Nop, haven't figured out a thing yet. But I've learned to accept it, because the big picture/plan/call it what you want will reveal itself in retrospect.

 Backstage at Yugong Yishan
 Julian, y so carefree
 The crowd going nuts
 Bohan doin' his thing
Hanging with Vice China on the set

 Views at the summer palace
 How happy?
 This much!

 DUDE, the views

 China is so beautiful, it just physically pains me
 Can we just...?
 Ok, here's some baozi on a stick to calm down
And just happy potatoes in general

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