Thursday, April 7, 2016


 I'm visiting Shanghai again! 
It was raining so bad when I arrived, I was soaking wet 'til my knees. So an umbrella was my first purchase.
Tagasi Shanghais!
Saabudes sadas maailma kõige hullemat padukat, nii et olin põlvini märg. Vihmavari oli mu esimene ost siin.


 Omg, a TV! Hah, haven't had that in a while.

 Walked 15km yesterday, huh
Kõndisin eile 15km

Had a vegan dinner of tofu and mushrooms at my fav Sprout Lifestyle cafe
Sõin vegan dinner'it oma lemmaris Sprout Lifestyle kohvikus - seened ja tofu
 Raw macadamia energy balls for dessert
Makadaamia energiapallid magustoiduks
The air humidity is crazy here! So I got there curls/waves or whatever they are
Õhuniiskus on meeletu! Nii et tere jälle, mu lokid/lained/misiganes


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