Monday, May 9, 2016


These past 5 days have been... ugh. Somehow I managed to catch a cold which has wrecked up my entire system and all I've been doing for these days is sleeping (& binge watching series). 

Keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow IS THE DAY when I'll finally be able to get back to the grind - I've been missing out on so many events, get-togethers and epic good weather, you have no idea how ready I am to leave my cave already!
Oh yeah, today I dragged myself to get some laundry done & here's some morning rush pics from the rooftop of one of our dorm buildings. Another productive thing I managed to get done today: converted a paper from a Word file to a .pdf to submit it for grading. Haha, I know, I'm funny like that 🤓


Brigita said...

Are these photo yours? They're phenomenal.

Kriss said...

Yes, I took them - thank you! :)

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