Tuesday, May 17, 2016


A very happy Lili cause she finally found the 冰糖葫芦 with strawberries
At Vegan Tiger - ridiculously good string beans AND chinese cabbage with peanut sauce and sesame seeds. To die for.
 I had my oral exam on Globalisation, reverse innovation and IP rights on Friday and it went really-really well (despite the fact of me being sick for nearly a week and revising only during the last few days) and I was so prepped to just relax and do absolutely nothing on that evening. 

I mean I did sleep in by accident (woke up at 6 a.m. instead of 5 a.m. which nearly gave me a panic attack as I wanted to finish prepping on my presentation), so by the time I got back to the dorms I was completely dead. I met up with Lili after the exam and we went to Vegan Tiger to eat some vegan Chinese food and did some exploring around Wudaokou, so no wonder I was tired. 
Literally 10 min after crashing in my bed, Anna-Lisa invited me for a walk and during that walk I somehow came to the conclusion that I deserve to celebrate. Few hours later we were in Sanlitun, dancing to salsa - which is so not me, but it was so fun! We considered checking out some of the most terrible clubs in the area as well (Boombar, Elements, Kokomo... really not my cup of tea with terrible EDM music ugh), but then we we're like "Why would we torture ourselves like that?" and headed to good ol' Gulou instead. As expected - Gulou never disappoints, it was a fun night.
On Saturday I met up with Estonian-Russian Anita and we hung around Sanlitun. We went to the Bookworm Bazaar and then had lunch at my newly discovered spot Tribe Organic. Grain bowls, salads and this ridiculously good raw carrot cake with vegan (!) coconut ice cream. HEAVEN. 
We did some more exploring and found a really good April Gourmet shop - this is the shop where expats get their fancy foreign food from. You know, when you're tired of the constant diet of jiaozi and just miss your organic Australian chunky peanut butter or some awesome whole wheat bread with lots of seeds instead of the standard Chinese steamed mantou. 
On Sunday I FINALLY got back to my running routine - felt so good to be active again! Don't take your health for granted, ugh.
I joined Anna-Lisa for some mall-hang at the EC mall and while she was buying an eyebrow pencil, she accidentally got her eyebrows done lol. She just wanted to try out the color, so the sales lady was like: "可以修修一下?“ which basically means "Can I tidy them up?". We thought she just wanted to brush them. Then she took out this little razor and started trimming them... aaaand well, it looked damn nice. I'd like to get these 'Asian eyebrows' (lol) as well, but I still haven't figured out how to style them that way.
Then we met some people for the SDC picnic and prior to that I got a terrible haircut with bangs, which are clearly too short, but I keep telling myself it's just hair and I'll hopefully look normal in a week or two. 
Bangs - are they ever a good idea?

So yeah, that was my weekend in a nutshell. 

Sky so blue you'd think it's photoshopped (but it ain't!)
The SDC picnic - playing jenga like it's high school all over again

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