Monday, May 2, 2016

Labor Day weekend

Ah, Labor Day - it's another public holiday in China, so no work or school for me today! 
This time of the year in China - always weird & busy times (welp, it's so far only the second time for me, but seems like we're developing a habit here).
So, fast forward to my Labor Day weekend in Beijing 2016, what's been happenin'?

I did actually go to Lantern to see Jarreau Vandal & Mr. Carmack. 
It was oh-so-lit. 
Can't even. 
The music was so good, man, what even.
Danced until 5 a.m. and got home just in time for sunrise.

During the Saturday I did a bit of essay writing & went out with Tautvile and some of her colleagues for some Mr. Shi's famous dumplings at the Gulou spot. A bit of Great Leap, a bit of Temple Bar, a bit of Dada - pretty much the usual route around Gulou, but always a fun time.

Now Sunday was exciting! Me and Tautvile met early (despite the second-day sleep deprivation catching up on me) and hit the Agricultural Exhibition Hall for the Art Beijing art fair. It was three massive pavilions of a bunch of beautiful things and cool design items. Lots of walking and exploring.

With the heat going up to +29 degrees & feeling mildly dehydrated, 'Holy water' gets a whole new meaning.
The artist must remain hardworking
Iced coffee time of the year
Perfect crema situation here, the coffee aficionado in me experienced pure bliss
Selfies in colourful settings vol 1

This mosaic was entirely made of cute lil stickers
Just look at them!

Making art out of you making art out of art
Selfies in colourful settings vol 2
Taking a break from all of that art

THIS is the prettiest coffee siphon I'll probably never be able to ever afford, surrounded by crazy beautiful Chinese paper cutting. Just looking at this photo is like having a sneak peek into what paradise must look like.

Selfies in colourful settings vol 3 - acid trip edition
Mediterranean vibes in the diplomatic district in SLT

Finishing this arty-farty Sunday of with a vegan feast at Tribe 

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