Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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(Psssst, Mr. Carmack coming straight from Coachella to China - Chengdu, Beijing & Shanghai. Takes Jarreau Vandal with him. I'll be dancing to these this Friday!) 
*insert salsa girl emoji*
Anyways, what's been up this month?

 Full on elevator selfies in Shanghai

With my lovelovenyc squad - showing them the magic of Pudong. Literally so lit.
 Down the nostalgia-lane a.k.a. Yan'an West Road, where Donghua Uni is
 Some things... like the mess on this street... just never change! *loves it* Even the same sales people at fruit shops!
 Actually entered the campus this time - the changes were apparent, but dayum *feels*
It was beautiful. The campus. All the memories. I'd switch anytime from my current Beijing UCAS campus to DHU campus in Shanghai. 
 Ok, so I had to go meet the crew during soundcheck at Arkham... and then I got stuck in the Shanghai traffic while in a cab, literally 2km away from Arkham. These narrow cute one-way streets of Shanghai come with a price!
 The wall backstage at Arkham - it was like going to Soundcloud heaven
 G&S dinners
 Saturday, crisp & fresh post-partying at Arkham
 Last day of Shanghai & trying to *take it all in*

 The legendary Cathay Cinema of Shanghai
 Back in the Jing - here's Purple Bamboo Park!

The Sanlitun balloon-guy
 Experimenting with hula-hoop pilates last Thursday. 
Did so many squats I could barely walk the next day.

When you really feelin' your outfit
 Anna-Lisa & Ben

Ok, so Vice China will bring Ratatat to The Middle Kingdom. IDK, we'll also have Boiler Room in BJ and SH. And then Mr.Carmack & Jarreau Vandal. Disclosure at Strawberry Fest. And Estonian week is on right now with Trad.Attack here in Beijing. Idk, man, too many things to handle. 
I love having all these options!
Cafe Alba on Sunday
 Meishi Kafei and Almond silken tofu pudding
 Anna-Lisa's puree soup
Bonus points for Cafe Alba's location on Gulou Dongdajie, same as Dada and Cafe Zarah. 
It's obviously run by locals (vs. Cafe Zarah, which is clearly run by Westerners). The food at Alba is semi Chinese-wannabe Western, but the prices are so-much-better than at Zarah, so I'll divide my time between these two now. 
(Coffee is still better at Zarah tho)

Fangjia hutong 方家胡同 - an excellent example of how gentrification of a hutong is taking place. Many locals living there & having shops, but occasionally you'll bump into hip-cool bars with an equal representation of locals & laowai's as customers. 
Young expat families taking their babies out for a walk. Craft beer bar to the left. An Israeli fast-food joint with sinfully greasy falafels, pitas and out-of-this world 90's techno music blasting 24/7 in the kitchen. (Spotted: Rigas Balzams on their windowsill. While I had my Vana Tallinn in the bag. That's how Estonia and Latvia meet in Beijing.) 

Mondays, man. 
Coffee break with a new book.
 Visiting Huawei's R&D center today - I have never seen a more majestic building in my life. Forget 5 star hotels, just let me hang at Huawei.
 Red carpet greeting

I like to take selfies in fancy bathrooms 
Found an empty 3x3m room with nothing but a mirror - figured it's meant for selfies.
 Then we stuffed all the girls inside of it!

 Still at the R&D center

 Meanwhile, my internship application saga has reached a happy ending (intentional dirty joke).
All settled & signed. Super-excited about my next semester, 'cause I'll be working in the field I'm passionate about - but 'til then, there's time, so I won't reveal more about it (superstitious me). 

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