Sunday, June 12, 2016

Don't Let This Be Our Final Song

MØ - Final Song

Look at all that soju!
My favourite photography store, where I got my camera from and where I still buy my film from and get pics scanned. And they have the cutest, chubbiest ginger cat hanging out there!

Iced drinks on a hot Sunday with Anna-Lisa and Yanan
Looking for shade in the hutongs

Burning Ice skateshop
I was in tears when I saw this one
Just going to work and cursing everyone 
Our Zhongguancun hood
Having dindins with Betti on our rooftop
Jingshan park

Sushi with Betbets
Nakki's b-day on the lawn in fron of our dorms
My dear Betbets and Giorgia - I'm gonna miss these girls!
Farewell party of Janus

A second before Betti casually dropped her cocktail in the trash. Such a reasonable girl!
With the birthday girl Nakki! She's staying in Beijing as well, wheee!

Enter the void

Partying with Danes is a tough job

Oh hello, you cheeky lil' cat

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