Monday, November 14, 2016

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 Taipei 101

I'm well aware I'm behind with blogging!
This will likely be the last batch of Taiwan pics, after which I'll do a recap-post of what I've been up to for the past October (aye, how tie flies!!!)
Work & school, all that stress, phew.

Awesome subway tunnels

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial

Hsinchu city
Fancy all-vegan 4 course lunch at a mountain top at a restaurant with tatami seats, what is life even

Sun Moon Lake sunsets

Cable car rides above the lake

Gaomei wetlands in Taizhong
Wenwu temple
Veganised Japanese style hotpot (Chinese style is where everyone shares the huge boiling pot, whereas here you have your own personal little pot).

Going nuts at the night market - stinky tofu! Best one I've had!
Taiwanese dessert - hot mochis with peanut & sesame fillings, served on shaved ice with syrup

Somewhere high above  the Taipei city... with a view.
And on the last day we realized there's a veggie buffet right next to where we lived :D
At the National Palace Museum of Taipei, where we wanted to see the Jade Cabbage and the Meat Stone, but couldn't find them :(

More Taiwanese desserts! I'm a fan!

All these hip and poppin' street style stores of Taipei

Bubble tea!

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