Sunday, November 20, 2016


Camping at Yunmeng Gorge during October Holidays

 Actually took a dip in the water - in October. And it got cold after that.

I miss this kind of nature now ugh
 Lululemon yoga times with Agnes
 And then we got sweaty at SpaceCycle in Sanlitun

 A Gentle Monster store in SLT

 Autumn views from the office

What is this light even
 When leg-day was good 
 Bampkin ha
 Doge filter 4ever, Halloween edition

 The most beaut autumn I've seen 

 Cozying up at Cafe Zarah with Duy

 Bibimbap, I luv u

 Being basic ain't easy

 Working from client's office

 When da skirt is cute and u too

When the air is good, I run
 I've had kimchi this week like... 3-4 times? LOVE.
 Typical Beijing street scene
 Back in CBD

 Post-gym selfies have become my fav

 Baozi. SO GOOD.
 This ghetto hutong gym tho

On another note, I think I'll start with a juice detox as of tomorrow. So I just prepped this baby up hah let's see how I'll do. 5:30 am wake up call is also planned so I can make it to the gym before work!
Rah rah rah!

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