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2016 in a nutshell


I greeted New Years with Anna-Lisa, Vee and a bunch of others at someone's flat - to be honest, we were afraid we won't make it there before midnight. But yes, NY started off well and on January 1st, Anna-Lisa cut of her hair (with my blessings, of course).

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Jingshan Park
The first weeks were filled with prepping for exams and group work - as soon as I was done with these, I ventured off to explore Beijing. Jingshan park has the best view over the Forbidden City!
Another highlight - saw Toro Y Moi perform at Yugong Yishan AND got to hang out with the band later (cause apparently, one of my friends here knows them since her childhood lol what is life).
From China to Finland real quick!
And there I was again - homeland! Tallinn!
And best fwiend! Looking less than amused! Still love her!
And decent coffee!

Started out with a snowfall
DSC_0364 bw
And a trip to KUMU
Best fwiend is bae even like this
Another best fwiend - tbh all my friends deserve a title "best fwiend", just for putting up with my nonsense hehe.
I showed Maris how to use a selfie stick and bought new sneakers from Reede. Life was great.
Note how all my fwiends are super pretty and cute and adorbs *swoon*
SLT Friday
Back in Baejing!
SLT Friday
Lunch dates in Sanlitun with Lili and Chen were an actual thing for us
SLT Friday
2016 - a year of indulgence

It was insanely cold all the damn time and then... idk, spring just happened and life was grand again.
Showing Seth around in da hutongs
She likes her Beijing yogurt
Waaaaait, Julian was back from New York!
And so were Bohan, Zach and Tony. This time, they also brought Ralph for their shows around China
Their Beijing show was superb cool and I got to see other, super talented artists with a Chinese background. Bloodzboi, Mike Gao, Nehzuil, Jason Hou, Howie Lee, Veeky etc. Not to mentioned meeting guys from Vice China and a talented local photographer, who's works I'd admird for a long time - Wang Wei!
Good times, good times
We also went to the Beatmakers session / Vice China shoot for the Motherland tour
March was magic

Summer Palace
We had a day off, so me and Vee went to the Summer Palace!
Summer Palace
*squad goals*
I also went to Shanghai
Hung out at a radio show recording with the fam
Aaaand had dinner with the crew at my fav Green & Safe
Backstage at Arkham
And during the show
Taipei babe Veeky doing her thing
Howie Lee & Zhang Yang
I love Shanghai so much

May was mostly about schooooooooool. Enough fun :'(
Anna-Lisa introduced me to the world of Korean snacks
Shopping for glasses in some god-forsaken area of Beijing. What I also remember from May - dang, it was a full on heatwave from then on!

Why are my friends so cool and gorgeous!?
And kinky? *wink wink*
We are squad goals! My finno-ugric fam! The last goodbyes were heartbreaking, no lie.
I also remember getting a terrible fringe back in May. It looked terrible. I hated it.
But true friends are there for you, even at your worst hair-days!
Oh, I also went hiking to Fragrant Hills!
Started from the bottom, now we on a hill!
I also finished my second semester at uni in June!

SP Creative friend meetup
Every ending leads to a new beginning - my internship at Serviceplan started in July
SP Creative friend meetup
We hosted a big event at work with lots of cool stuff - here's Taka talking about his art
It was a long hot Beijing summer

I didn't have any time to take pics in August, as I was full on busy at work.
However, I did see amazing exhibitons: Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol among them.
Generally, August was beautiful. 
Best time of Beijing. 
Eventful and full of fun times. I celebrated my birthday in such a great way and also realised its been a year in Beijing. Phew, what a year!
Epic Beijing summers!

Wangjing SOHO
Longboarding with Duy at Wangjing SOHO
Wangjing SOHO
That insane building by Zaha Hadid, yes
Also traveled to Taiwan!
Taipei has the best streets to get lost in
Taipei is just... ugh.
And the nature of Taiwan... wow. I saw bananas, dragon fruits and coconuts growing on trees! Just like that. Casual.

I actually went camping in October
Once again, some pretty insane nature views that I saw
And holy crap, the stars!!! Why can't I take decent pics of the night sky :(
Wild donkeys running around - tbh that was a scary encounter, as I honestly was afraid I'd get attacked by a donkey haha
Duy or Panda?
Hanging out with a Hypebeast

Hung around Gulou and ate the best baozi in the world, again.
Generally, November was really gloomy and I was stressing about school and work, so didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked to :(

Beijing Winter
December tho... the first half of it was filled with light and clear skies!
Beijing Winter
Really, just look at this!
Office Party
And Christmas parties, here and there
Office Party
Serviceplan went really creative with their parties
Office Party
Katja girl, helping out
Office Party
Girls being crafty and Klaus just happy to see everyone being crafty
Wintery Beijing
Beijing, I love you
It was a great year of filled with fun, laughter, lessons, love, heartbreak, stress, growth and overcoming challenges 💓
I'm realizing my potential, developing my skills and learning, who are the people to keep close to in this life. It's truly been a blessing 👏
Let's see what 2017 will bring!!!! 

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